EN 12566-3+A1
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Note not all wastewater treatment plants feature such high parameters of treated water. Application of active sludge technology requires no additional filters and no other equipment (unless requested by the client or project conditions).
This is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method.

Here is a comparison chart for your use in comparing our wastewater treatment plant with our competition.

Although we have listed our two smallest plants, all our residential treatment units are accredited with the same data up to 50 persons. For data on larger units please contact us for more information.

Questions to Ask S.I.D.A.R.
AT-6 AT-8
Population equivalent (min. – max.) 1 – 4 2 – 6
Daily load with contaminants (kg DBO5/d) 0,24 0,36
Capacity (m3) 1,73 2,26
Can I throw the toilet paper? Yes Yes
Is mechanical wastewater pre-treatment available? Yes Yes
Does the equipment treat household chemicals? Yes Yes
Removes phosphorus* 70,1 % 70,1 %
Removes nitrogen* 78,3 % 78,3 %
Removes ammonium nitrogen* 95,5 % 95,5 %
Removes solid suspensions* 95,8 % 95,8 %
Removes DBO5* 97,8 % 97,8 %
Removes DQO* 93,2 % 93,2 %
When will the device fully operational? 1 day 1 day
How long can the device function in standard mode without sewage? 180 days 180 days
What is the excess amount of sludge produced per yer in m3* 1 1,5
What is the humidity of the activated sludge? 99 % 99 %
Is the sludge re-usable? (ie: for fertiliser, biodegradable, no chemicals) Yes Yes
Is the treated water clean enough to release to rivers & streams? Yes Yes
What is the air pump electricity expenditure in kWh per month? 208 270
Does the unit release unpleasant smells? No No
Can we see an operational unit working? Yes Yes
Binding documents for commission since 2010.07.01
– ZA EN 12566-3: 2005+A1:2009 declaration?
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* Details confirmed by a notified, independent laboratory in PIA Aachen (Germany).

Guaranteed purification parameters of modified treatment facilities, tested by “August ir Ko”, in accordance with your requirements

PIA 2007-006
EN 12566-3:2005 + A1:2009
PIA 2007-021
EN 12566-3:2005 + A1:2009
with filter
No. 00021/TSUS/Y/2009
EN 12566-3:2005+A1: 2009
with filter
Effectiveness of treatment Effectiveness of treatment Effectiveness of treatment Effectiveness of treatment Effectiveness of treatment

DQO88,1 %

DBO597,2 %

SS94,0 %

NH4-N96,7 %

N total61,7 %

P total47.4 %

DQO91,3 %

DBO598,1 %

SS98,8 %

NH4-N96,0 %

N total62,4 %

P total50,1 %

Faecal coliforms99,9 %

DQO88,1 %

DBO597,2 %

SS94,0 %

NH4-N96,7 %

N total61,7 %

P total92.5 %

DQO93,2 %

DBO597,8 %

SS95,8 %

P total70.1 %

NH4-N95,5 %

N total78,3 %

DQO95,0 %

DBO598,5 %

SS98,7 %

P total71,9 %

N total78,3 %

Escherichia coli99,9 %

Coliform bacteria99,9 %

Intestinal enterococci99,9 %

1. Standard treatment facility complying with the highest requirements of the EU.
2. Treatment facility with filters, ensuring purification parameters higher than ones established by the EU requirements.
3. Treatment facility of the highest purification parameters for Scandinavian countries, complying with appropriate phosphorus removal requirements.
4. Treatment facility without filters, ensuring purification parameters higher than ones established by the EU requirements.
5. Unique treatment facility with filters, ensuring the supreme purification parameters.


Notified testing laboratories:


PIA, Prüfinstitut für Abwassertechnik GmbH, NB 1739 Hergenrather Weg 30, 52074 Aachen, Germany www.pia-gmbh.com
TSÚS, n.o., NB 1301, Studená 3, 826 34 Bratislava, Slovakia

IMG Bohemia, s.r.o., Planá nad Lužnicí, Průmyslová 798, 391 02 Sezimovo Ústí II, Czech Republik

Instituciones que controlan el cumplimiento de los requisitos requeridos para los equipamientos de depuración:

SINTEF Certification, No. 2018, Teknisk Godkjenning, 7465 Trondheim, Norway
CTR, production Equipment Testing Centre, Rostest-Maskva, Nr. 445-261, 117418 Moscow, Russia
РВСН , Health and Hygiene Centre of Russian Federation, No. 50.PA.05.485. П.001250.06.10, 143010 Moscow, Russia
TÜV Thüringen e.V, Audit Report No. 3330 2B5P D0, Ernst-Ruska-Ring 6, D-07745 Jena, Germany
GENERALITAT VALENCIANA, conselleria de hacienda y administración pública. 46003 Valencia, Spain