EN 12566-3+A1
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Waste water treatment technology which is environmentally friendly in 5 steps:


1. Roughing basket: the water passes through the roughing basket in which solid residue and larger objects such as plastics, textiles or likewise are retained.

2. Anaerobic fermentation zone:the water is mixed with the activated sludge.

3. Denitrification zone:where the processes to transform the nitratestake place.

4. Aerated zone: in which the water is aerated through one or several diffusers which maintain the mix in a suspended mass to enable the oxidation and nitrification processes.

5. Decantation section: here the ‘inferior’ sedimentation is produced, guaranteeing that the sludgepasses towards the denitrification zone and the clean water leaves through the outflow hole.

In the WCST treatment systems, technology workswhile keeping the environment in mind and achieves a double objective: avoid contamination of the surroundings with a reduced economic cost.

Our treatment plants are especially designed to be an economic and functional alternative compared to current waste water systems. The SIDAR systems allow considerable savings in the installations in comparison to other systems and, moreover, allow the reuse of water.