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Environmental benefits of biological purification.

Detached houses which are not connected to a public network must instead use a wastewater treatment system. There are different ways to meet this legal obligation but one of the most environmentally friendly is, without a doubt, the biological treatment systems. These systems work by generating sludge which allows the separation of treated water from […]


Ahead of time our Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant Technology

At start of 2014-2020 EU financial support programs for Lithuanian water management economy, we want to enjoy the results of previous financial periods, when Lithuania together with Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic was recognized as the best states in EU managing wastewater in settlements with population higher than 2000. 2014-2020 financial support is mainly granted […]


European Standard EN 12566:3, a guarantee of quality of water treatment systems

The ComitéEuropéen de Normalisation, better known in Spain as the ComitéEuropeo deNormalización (CEN), and in English as the European Committee for Standardisation, is the organisation responsible for ensuring the development of efficient infrastructures which are respectful of the environment. This committee regularly adopts regulations which establish standards to be fulfilled by companies of the associated countries. […]